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Get a 100% Verified Workforce with HR Cosmo

We Cover Everything From Background Verification To Criminal Record Checks

HR Cosmo provides verification services for MNCs, startups, agencies, and the frontline workforce. Get accurate background checks, including verification and criminal record check. Our team will work with you to ensure your organization has the most up-to-date information on potential hires.

Background Checks

HR Cosmo provides the highest accuracy and reliability in background verifications, criminal record checks, and identity verification.

  • Maintaining Quality

  • Better Security

  • Employee Retention

  • Better Compliance

Employment Verification

HR Cosmo conducts thorough employment verification checks at cost-effective prices, so you can rest assured that your organization is secure and safe.

  • Learn About Candidate Behaviour

  • Former Employee Information

  • Affordable

  • Minimize Theft

Education Verification Check

HR Cosmo offers an education verification service using various authentic tools to ensure accuracy in candidate educational background checks.

  • To shield against allegations of careless hiring

  • Check an applicant's certificates

  • Fraudulent Credentials and Degrees

  • Privacy and data security regulations

Criminal Record Check

Keep your workplace secure and ensure the safety of your employees with HR Cosmo’s criminal records check services. With our comprehensive background verifications, you can ensure you’re hiring the right people without any risks.
  • Background checks decrease business risk

  • High-quality hires

  • Safeguard your brand and reputation

  • Improve success

Build Your Winning Teams with HR Cosmo

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