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Automate your HR Operations with our advanced HRMS tool. Our Software is built to encourage the frontline Workforce Ecosystem with seamless transformation.

Employee digital record

Digital personnel record management eliminates the obstacles posed by traditional approaches to HR and the company.

  • Easier access and retention

  • Data Privacy and Security

  • Streamlined Onboarding

  • Reduced Data Loss

  • Tracking employee performance


Our attendance management software ensures
real time and accurate attendance recording.

  • Facial Recognition

  • Entry May Be Gained Through Several Means

  • Connecting Biometrics

  • Tracking employee activity

HR Policy & Compliance

Every modern company must periodically update
its compliance process. Manually or using
established methods will complicate this. This is
where our HRMS Software comes in.

  • Easy Implementation

  • Automated Compliance

  • Easy Accessible to Employees

Payroll management

Eliminate human errors in your employee payrolls with automated HRMS Solutions. Our software leaves no room for miscalculation.

  • Flexible Pay Scheduling

  • Automated Calculations

  • F&F Calculations

  • Massive Data Processing

Employee self-service app

Using the employee self-service portal, employees
may submit leave requests and regularise their
attendance, access and update their information in the system, and manage their profile.

  • Download Payslips and More

  • Easy Data Access

  • Adjust Shift Hours

  • Easy Employee-HR Interaction

Vendor management

Our HRMS Software is built with staff partner
management functions. You may easily manage
your outsourced employees and monitor their work
progress efficiently.

  • Time-Saving

  • Manage Remotely

  • Easy Communication

  • Streamlined Work Progress

  • Intuitive Interface

Build Your Winning Teams with HR Cosmo

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